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Bachelors of Science in Speech Language Pathology


Health Professional Technologies








Guided by the mission of IBADAT INERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, to produce professionals outfitted with highest standards in creativity, transfer and application of knowledge dissemination to address issues of our time “our department’s vision is to be recognized for high-quality educational programs and research through focused activities and excellence of its faculty, staff, graduates and facilities. We will achieve this vision through fostering the education of students and by contributing to the base of optometry and orthoptics research.

Optometry is one of the diverse technological field in the world which provide excellence in different domains like contact lens, low vision, refraction and strabismus. Currently the field is very well recognized nationally and internationally. We are imparting knowledge and clinical sskill to make our graduates excellent health care professionals, the department not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also encourage students to undergo internships and professional trainings. As a result, our students acquire critical thinking capabilities as well as practical skills. Our graduates can work in Government and private sectors and explore the research areas related to vision sciences.

Please feel to free to contact us or visit our website where you will find detailed information about our graduate and undergraduate programs, our faculty members, research groups, and the broad range of activities underway in the Department.

Maryam Riaz

Program Duration: 4 Year
Timing: Morning (Monday-Friday)
Location: 6.7 Km Japan Road, Sihala, Islamabad.
Recognized By: Higher Education Commission

Entry Requirements:

  • Minimum 50% marks in Sc. (Pre-medical).
  • Securing pass percentage in the entry

Qualifying the interview successfully.

Entry Test: Ibadat International University Entry Test (if).

BS Speech Language Pathology


The scope is to develop accuracy and meticulousness to attain high levels of ethics and technical proficiency, Assess the technical and non-technical skills in a standardized and reproducible environment, Strengthen the decision power and exercise appropriate judgment skills to be applied especially during crisis, Develop good leadership, problem solving and administrative skills, Develop and analyze innovative strategies for effective communication with the patients and the healthcare personnel Demonstrate interdisciplinary team building strategies for effective coordination between various Allied Health Disciplines, Demonstrate understanding of the basic concepts of professional behavior and legal implications of the work environment, Demonstrate the knowledge of his / her role in health care delivery system, Establishing and maintaining continuing education as a function of growth and maintenance of professional competence.


The Department of Health Professional Technologies (DHPT) within the Division of Allied Health and Biological Sciences (AHBS) at Ibadat International University is dedicated to clinical and academic excellence in teaching and research. The ultimate goal of the department will be to produce medical professionals outfitted with highest ethical standards in morality, creativity, application of knowledge and its dissemination to address and resolve the issues of our time. The core purpose of the department is to produce graduates who have broad perspectives of healthcare and bringing innovation, critical-thinking and lifelong learning skills into health-care settings. Our aim is to augment the number of competent allied healthcare professionals, to fulfill shortage of trained healthcare professionals with a particular focus on their clinical training which is demonstrated through our clinical- and research-oriented curriculum. Department is committed to provide patient-centered healthcare education so that these graduates can meet national and international standards.


The aim of Bachelor of Science in Cardiac Perfusion Technology (BSCPT) program is to equip the students with relevant professional knowledge, skills, techniques and ethical values to enable them to apply their acquired expertise at the level between the doctors and the patient for efficient health service delivery. This program produces the graduates having research knowledge and skills. On the bases of knowledge and skills they will be able to do the evidence-based practice.

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